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dr. hymon did a great job at explaining and breaking down the concepts, allowing the listener to have an easy understanding of what he was talking about.


IT Project Manager,

SNAP inc. 

True Change Alliance, LLC exists to develop and enable diversity leaders, at all levels, who will implement and codify anti-racist organizational structures. Through training, coaching and program development, TCA will deliver measurable results that create lasting and true change.

About TCA

True Change is uncomfortable

When examining the demographics of the CEOs of all Fortune 500 companies, Black Americans account for 1% of CEOs, Asian American account for 2%, Latinx Americans account for 2% Latinx, and womxn account for 5%.

true change is sincere

Consider someone else's thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences for understanding. Sometimes what we mean to say is not what is heard. While both are valid, let's lean into the sincerity of listening and learning.

True Change is uncomfortable

We can disagree without being disagreeable. These are tough conversations. Choose courage over comfort.

true change is continuous

We cannot solve the world's problems in our lifetimes. But we can make a lot of progress.


TCA Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

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