Training, Facilitation & Curriculum Design

  • General Unconscious Bias

  • Anti-Racism (Anti-Blackness and/or Critical Whiteness)

  • Allyship

  • Train-The-Trainer Sessions

**NOTE: These sessions can be differentiated between board leadership, executive leadership, management and, company employees**

Executive & Leadership Coaching

  • Personal DEI learning, growth and competency

  • Managing teams with equity and inclusion in mind

  • Developing and implementing DEI action plans

Organizational and Program Development

  • Designing and facilitating an organizational needs assessment process

  • Crafting a DEI organizational statement

  • Institutionalizing DEI leadership structures

  • Employee Resource Group development

Yes to all the things!

This is how to use data to inform our training and practices...This is awesome

Executive Director,

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We have begun to implement ERG's [Employee Resource Groups] such as BOLD (Black leaders and doers), Latinx, Asians in Tech, Etc. These are groups led by people in the group...fosters a sense of community.


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