dr. hymon did a great job at explaining and breaking down the concepts, allowing the listener to have an easy understanding of what he was talking about.


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Hymon Consulting Group envisions a world where leaders and organizations place equity at the center of their work. Through training, leadership development, executive coaching, and programmatic initiatives, HCG will assist in cultural development, cultivating anti-racist structures and instilling inclusive institutional policies and practices.





All training, coaching and programmatic design is grounded in principles of adult learning

All best practices are driven by research-based methods

All outcomes lead to actionable short and long term results




In order to create effective change, we must bring our whole selves and embrace our originality.

HCG believes in the necessity of Authenticity.


When vulnerability creates trust, community can be built. Community provides a safe space to learn, grown and develop.

HCG believes in the strength of Community.


We all want to belong. In order to belong, we must trust that our authenticity will be cherished and valued. In order to build trust, we must learn to be vulnerable.

HCG believes in the power of Vulnerability.


When we bring our authentic selves, practice vulnerability and cultivate community, a truly inclusive space can be created; a space where all expressions and identifications are welcome.

HCG believes in the importance of Inclusivity.

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